Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring Break

This post is a little (okay... a lot) late coming but I've got to take these precious (not) blogging moments when I can. In case any of you were wondering if Mike and I had nothing new to blog about... that's really not the problem. (More posts should be filing on here soon!) It's been more a lack of time and internet access than anything. But I did start this blog post about a month ago and wanted to finish it. It's just a recap of our enjoyable Spring Break adventures. Being low on money but having a whole week for Spring Break (our last one ever, in fact) we wanted to do something fun. So we decided to migrate down for warmer weather to the beautiful St. George. We stayed with my amazing grandma and enjoyed home-cooked meals, lots of laughs and oh so sweet relaxation.

One day we did a hike up to the 3 waterfalls in Zion's National Park. It was great! The rest of the time we swam in the pool, read books and watched the movie "Babe". Yes, I know, weird. It's a Grandma Allie thing.

Here's some pictures from the hike:

And last but definitely not least... we got to see my aunt's amazing new home she's building in Ivins, UT. I should have taken pictures of the inside. It is incredible! Floor to ceiling windows looking at a giant, red rock. It's literally breathtaking. Can't wait for my parents to build there's next door so we can start making the memories!