Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Surprise Game Show Winnings

One lazy Saturday Mike came down and poked his head in our room. I was reading when he asked me to come out to the living room. In the living room he had a card that said:

Congratulations! You are the next contestant on 'Mikey has a HUGE surprise for you show!!!
But first you must answer the following questions correctly to qualify for you surprise...
Are you ready to begin?
Question #1
Who is your favorite person in the world?
a. Your husband
b. Michael Vaughn
c. Marisa
d. Bart
e. None of the above
Question #2
Which of the following is your favorite quality of your husband?
a.Dashing handsomeness
b. Charming demeanor
c. Impeccable auditing skills
d. Dry sense of humor
e. All of the above
Do you have what it takes to win 'Mikey has HUGE surprise for you?!? There is only way one to see! Please submit your questionnaire for grading by the judges!"

Upon submission (he might have been slightly biased)... I was rewarded with another card that when I opened up, I saw this:
I was so excited!! I desperately wanted to see Broadway's production of The Lion King at the Capitol Theater. When the day came we partied hard! Every member of Mike's family came into town for a family Lagoon day. Thank you Mansfields!! It was very fun, very hot and we ended the afternoon very tired. Mike and I left early, caught a shower at home, a quick nap and went to dinner before the show. I forgot my camera but we took a couple pics on Mike's phone before the show.

It was such an amazing performance! I might as well have been 5 yrs old by the way I was grinning as the animals came down the aisles at the beginning of the show. It was incredible! You obviously can't take pictures but here are a couple from online. The giraffes were my favorite! I can't imagine the creativity and the talent that went into this production. It was truly unique and impressive.

I was so grateful for an exciting surprise (he knows I LOVE surprises!) from my sweet husband. I most especially enjoyed going to the theater with him! It's something my family did a lot growing up and therefore, is one of my favorite things to do. I miss going more often and Michael knows it. Although we could do anything and have fun together, it was great to have a special night out.
**Mr. Mansfield makes me one happy wife!**