Monday, June 18, 2012

If you haven't heard...

My husband rocks!!
One day Mike came home from work and announced he was going to run a marathon. Say what? He loves sports but I don't think he had "ran" for the sake of running a day in his life. He and his coworker had signed up for one and committed to run it together. He downloaded "The Non-runners guide to marathon running" and went for it. I was so impressed how dedicated he was. After working 12+ hr days during busy season he would come home and run at 11 p.m. at night. That's impressive. He ran a half marathon a few months ago on a whim (one of his coworkers strained a muscle and couldn't run it himself) and then he ran another one two weekends ago. Mike's mom came out to support him and it was so fun watching him finish with 20 seconds less than his target time (yay!). Two weekends later (just last Friday) he ran the Ragnar relay with some of his company. Not only did he run it-- but he took some of the hardest legs in the group. I am seriously so impressed and so proud of him. One day I hope I can rock a race with him like this... Good job babe!

His 1st-- Salt Lake Half

His 2nd Half-- Utah Valley (his AWESOME support group!)

Michael and his coworker Bill who committed to run together