Sunday, February 15, 2009


First off, I apologize for the lack of blogging the last month. I kept waiting to get the video of my dad dancing before I made a new blog. But with my parents in Florida for 3 weeks and not getting home very often... I've decided to move on in the blogging world and catch up with what Mike and I have been doing for the last 2 months.

Chronologically, first off in December was mine and Mike's anniversary. As of the 20th Mike and I have been married a year! That night Mike blindfolded me and drove me to the cutest bed and breakfast called the Four Seasons in Logan. I'd seen it once and said I wanted to buy it as a dream house one day, it is so picturesque. I was so surprised and delighted. He'd rented the Bridal suite with fireplace, sunken tub and balcony... complete with pink and orange rose petals (my favorite!) everywhere. It was adorable! For dinner, Mike took me to Hamilton's steak house. We sat and talked for hours-- which is something we love to do. The next morning we sat in a sun room alone eating homemade apple pancakes, bacon and fruit. It was almost like being far away from Logan in a snowy Vermont or something. It was an awesome anniversary and Mike was so sweet to surprise me with a night away!

Christmas came soon after and even though that makes this post out of order... I thought I'd post the only pictures I have. I forgot my camera over Christmas and so a lot of the pictures were taken with my mom's camera or Mike's phone. I won't go on forever about what we did but here's just a couple pictures of what we did.
South Jordan...

Vernal... (We didn't take very many pictures here because we didn't have a camera but here's a picture of us playing Guitar Hero with Mike's sister, mom and brother in law. This other picture is one that Mike and I enjoyed. We were at a restaurant in Vernal called Seven Eleven, which is my favorite place to eat in Vernal. They have a little country shop you can buy in while you wait and this is what we found. Don't you just love "frige" magnets? ;)

The holidays were good to us. Since we've been home, Mike and I have enjoyed our weekends together. Whether it's staying in, going bowling or to an arcade for fun, out to eat, playing games or watching movies... we've been relishing the weekends where we can leave work and school behind. Here's a couple pictures of one fun weekend where Mike and I went bowling and to an arcade with a couple of our friends, Don and Heather. At a bowling alley in Logan there is an arcade attached to play in while you wait. We found a whole new kind of fun playing Deal or No Deal... what's more fun than that? A dollar a game for enough tickets to buy matching tatoos, tootsie rolls and pixie sticks that would cost 50 cents! =)