Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A New Adventure

Some of you may know that Michael and I recently purchased a new home in April. We've lived here for 2 months and we are slowly repairing and improving. We love it! It's such an exciting adventure for us. We never, EVER could have done it without our incredible families. Here are some pictures of my family helping us patch holes, replace lightbulbs, clean walls, wipe out cupboards, etc, etc, etc... (all the dues required in purchasing your own home, right?).

Boys working hard... although it currently doesn't look like Jonny is, he actually cleaned ALL the walls in the whole house.

As it was a full days' job we had a little lunch in the kitchen. Ree actually brought some amazing chocolate cake for her birthday (we celebrated it about 5 times this year so don't think I'm a horrible sister-- it wasn't her birthday or her party on the day we cleaned).

A couple of the fantastic things about our new home is living near these beauties!

Although I still haven't found the time to go around and take pictures of the inside, here is a picture of the outside...

We love, love our home and can't wait to start an adventure of a different kind here sometime soon ("soon" is really a very relative term so don't read too far into that).

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Health Ideal