Sunday, July 10, 2011

Thai Food

Thai food is a new love for Mike and I... but, boy, do we love it! For over a year, I've wanted to eat at this new place in Riverton called Thai Basil. One of Mike's co-workers this week told him it was excellent. We went last night and it was delicious! The decor was nice, our waiter was fantastic and the food was wonderful. We loved the cream-cheese wontons. Not overly fried and smooth cream cheese inside. We got the standard go-to Pad Thai and the waiter's recommendation of Pad Prick Sod (wowza, spicy!). The other thing I loved about it was the menu included an Asian mix... Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese (I once had Vietnamese in Miami and it was one of the best things I ever ate!) with lots of vegetarian choices. I love trying new places and it's rare that they're actually worth the adventure. My parents are also new Thai lovers so Mike and I will have to take them there. I hope they stay in business... so you should all try it! :)

P.S. Sorry this is a no-picture post. I had just showered with no make-up and no hair-do (a result of a spa afternoon gone terribly wrong-- that post coming soon) when we went out... hardly picture worthy!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

For the love of reading...

Such a variety of emotions... anticipation, contentment, serenity and thrill all compressed into one iota of a moment. The instant of running my exploring fingers over the pages of a new book. Newness of the copy itself has very little to do with it. In fact, sometimes the older the book, that more character it's worn pages provides my avid imagination to create it's pathway through existence. The emotion lies in the unknown descriptions, characters, adventures, romances, places and history my mind craves but doesn't even know yet exists. It's like going home to your favorite place in the world but never knowing what you'll find there each time. I don't know if that analogy computes in anyone else's brain besides mine... but even writing about it stimulates neurons deep in my brain that have my itching to race to my bookshelves.

Reading. It's been such a part of me for so long, I can't remember books not being an important part of my life. I have my wonderful parents to credit for that. It began with my pre-K self standing in front of the small bookshelf in the very back of the old South Jordan library. I don't remember a single title of those square, shiny-paged, paper-back books that I started with...only 3 words per page. But I read them-- all. My mom said she'd pay me a nickel a page. That gets a kid's mind racing and eyes moving. However, the beauty of it all was I honestly can't remember when the monetary payment stopped because an emotional payoff took over.

One of my dreams is to have a library in my home. It doesn't have to be large (okay, okay, I might have imagined a Beauty & the Beast library in my wildest dreams) but just one room-designated to the love of the excitingly unexplored and the lovingly familiar. In this process of building my own library, book by book, I want YOUR input. Yes, you. Book recommendations are always high on my questions for people. I love asking for favorites or their current read... so now I'm asking blogosphere. As many as I can get... pour it on. I really, really want to know....