Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Magic

How much would you pay at Smith's for...

4 rolls of Bounty paper towels
1 box of 45 count Tampax Pearl tampons
5 Colgate toothbrushes
1 bottle of Downy lavender fabric softener
5 Lady Speed Stick deodorants
2 Herbal Essences cans of mousse
2 Herbal Essences cans of hairspray
5 Weber grilling marinade packs
2 bottles of Old Spice men's body wash
2 boxes of American Beauty penne pasta
22 (yes, TWENTY-TWO!) tubes of Crest (17) and Colgate (5) toothpaste

Go ahead and add it up...

Oh really? Is that how much you'd pay??

Well I paid...


Unbelievable, right? Well, believe it-- I have the 2 and half foot receipt to prove it. My best receipt so far that says I saved 88% off my bill that started at $122.10, dropped to $61.84 and finished at $10.72!!

Now that's the magic of Savvy Shopping baby!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Welcome! Come on in...

Without further ado, our home. Enjoy the tour!

Our front porch.
I love, love, love this bench! Our good friends gave it to us last week as a housewarming gift. I am so happy just sitting on it with Mike on a good evening staring at the temple. Thank you SO much Satterthwaites!!

Entry way

To the left of the entry way is the.... formal living room.
(This room is currently serving as storage for my sister's sofa and my chairs. You'll notice throughout the tour that we're building each room piece by piece. So we're not there yet with the decorating, mostly cause we don't own that much furniture, but we're enjoying the journey!)

Walking through the entry way from the front door leads into the... living room.

Behind the living room is the... kitchen nook. I adore the oversized window and doors on both left and right of the kitchen area that lead to the backyard. When we complete our yard it's going to be fantastic to open up those doors and let the air breeze through from our patio area.

Walking past the eat-in area is the... kitchen. You have to know how LITTLE counter space we had the first two and half years of our marriage to understand the appreciation I have for our island. When I saw it I actually hugged it. Counter space... I love you! I've always wanted dark hard wood floors so these beauties warm my heart at night after my sweetheart of a husband has cleaned and buffed them and they shine up at me. Yes, I have a serious relationship with my floors. (And, of course, with my husband!)

Walk through the kitchen and to the left and you'llbe at the garage entrance where there is a... guest bathroom. Not much to say here- it does it's purpose well! :)

Also on the main floor is the... master bedroom.
Obviously one of my favorite rooms. I love many things about it. One: I love the three little windows above the bed. Two: I love the high, slanted, unique ceilings. Three: I am obsessed with the sitting/reading nook with windows. It is my own, personal reading area complete with a ridiculously comfortable chaise lounge ($45 @ the overstock liquidation sale!).

Opposite my reading nook is the master bathroom.

His and her sinks and a jetted tub for stress-releasing evenings. I didn't take a picture of the shower which is to the left of the tub in the above photo. Also in the above photo is the door that leads to the closet. I definitely did not clean it the evening of picture-taking... therefore, it is being left out. It's a closet. To the left is Mike's area and the to the right is mine. There is also a giant window that doesn't really make sense to us but is nice for natural light (Ha ha...I guess?). Although it mostly remains with the blinds closed because really, how clean do you all keep your closets?! Also in the above photo with the sinks is the WC. Nothing special there but again, it does its job.

Upstairs overlooking the living room is the door to... Mike's office, which is put to good use pretty much every night as he studies for the CPA exam. He's one hard-working sexy man of mine.
One of the best things is the three windows that pretty much encompass the room. There are some great views on both side of the mountains.

To the left of the office is my (pretty much empty)... workout room. The good news is that in the next week a treadmill will occupy this space. Yay!! I'm so excited!

To the left of the workout room is the... guest bathroom. It's so nice to have a separate bathroom for family and friends.

Next to the bathroom is (currently) the... craft/play room. This is mostly "my room" where all my therapy toys, crafts, cedar chest, memories, etc. reside. It is planned to be the future nursery. It's going to be pretty much one of the cutest nurseries ever. :) Mostly because of the charming step down into a play area off of the room. I am going to put a glider in that area and rock my baby to sleep while I look at this...
In the future maybe that area will be a small sitting/reading area for my children or maybe we'll go all out and create it's own little door so when you walk through you are transported into a castle, spaceship or some other magical space for make believe.

And finally... this is the guest bedroom. I understand it's mostly empty now but I have big plans for this room. As for now, it's already housed 5 nights of guests. We LOVE having a room for them and welcome any of you to spend a night when you're in town, in need, want to have a sleepover... whatever. :)

So thanks for joining me for the tour. Again, we extend an invite to all that'd love to come for a game night, drop-by, FHE or weekend.

**The point of having a home is to fill it with family, friends, laughter and love. We look forward to many to come!**