Monday, September 28, 2009

Birthdays by the Bundle

The birthdays began with Sadie's! Hers was the only one with a Disney character in attendance. Of course, she was a vital part of the Little Mermaid party. We had amazing food (the best taco salad I've ever had), an Ariel pinata and Little Mermaid cake. Mel did a wonderful job and it was fun to see all the excitement from the little girls by seeing a "real" princess. I love the last picture of Sadie wearing the Ariel dress that Mike and I bought her. So adorable!

On my birthday my parents got my whole family tickets to The Scarlet Pimpernel at Hale Center Theater. It was awesome! My mom bought them a year ago so we had the best seats in the house! I love musicals and we hardly ever get to go to them anymore. Thanks Mom and Dad!! Before the play we went to Pei Wei (cause Chinese is Mike's fav) and after we had cake, (look below to see my mom's cute cake! I loved it!) ice cream and presents. I also loved the picture that Christian drew me in their card so I had to post it. =)

The next weekend we celebrated Mike's b-day. On Friday, we went to Macaroni Grill with some of Mike's sisters who were in town for the Scrapbook Expo. The next day, Mike wanted corned beef and hash at the Blue Plate Diner in SLC for his b-day so Jonny, Kaylee and I went that morning to breakfast and enjoyed the wonderful outdoor eating at the little dive. Mike then went and played tennis with my dad while I went to my BF's baby shower. Later that night, we stayed in, ordered pizza and played games. It was fun, relaxing and one of Mike and my favorite things to do (Game Recommendation: Smallworld by Days of Wonder). Below is Mike opening his presents and holding the cake I made, which is always fun. Ha! I insist on doing it every year despite the fact that I always mess something up. Mike would probably prefer a plain cake over my stress but in a strange and sadistic way, I like to do it for him. This is actually the second version because I had some serious frosting problems the first time around. With help, it worked out. Mike was surprised and liked it, which was most important. It was also appropriate for the news we got the day before... Deloitte was ranked the #1 business to launch your career by Business Week magazine. Woohoo!

This weekend we got to go home to Vernal and celebrate Mike's dad and Derek's (his nephew) birthdays. As a nice surprise, we also got both our birthdays in there as well. Thank you all for the amazing and fun gifts (we already went to Chili's for FHE)! Notice the pictures of the cake. Mike's sister is this amazingly ridiculous cake-maker. She made a cake for both Dad and Derek. The fancy side is for Dad. Set a front-loader to the other side and you find Legos inside (made of fondant of course). It was so cute. Derek loves Legos (he got a bunch for his b-day) and he loved his cake! Mel, you're incredible!