Saturday, March 9, 2013

More big changes!

As if leaving family, moving to another state, starting a new job at Cook Children's hospital, Mike transferring to the Dallas office of Deloitte, buying a new home in a new city and basically embarking on the biggest adventure of our lives so far wasn't enough... there have been even MORE changes since we moved to Texas. The one I'm about to share with you was a welcome surprise and answer to prayers.

As many of you know, Mike transferred with Deloitte to the Dallas office. There were many reasons involved in that decision but one of them was a concern that there were not enough opportunities for growth in Salt Lake City. Not long after moving, Mike changed his city of residence to Dallas on his Linked In account. Much to our surprise and pleasure, recruiters all of a sudden started contacting Mike about job opportunities. Not only did he get contacted by 2 of the other big four firms offering him positions but he was contacted about an up-and-coming software firm looking for an XBRL specialist as a professional services manager. Don't worry, I still don't fully understand what that means either. Let's just call it "financial reporting" for the rest of us laymen. This was intriguing. We both already knew Mike did not want to be on the "partner track" at a big four firm-- it wasn't the lifestyle either of us wanted for our him or our future family. This offer looked like a great opportunity for Mike with a very appealing work lifestyle. After interviewing three times on the phone and once at the corporate headquarters in Ames, IA-- my fantastic husband was offered the position. Hello, WebFilings! 

From the very beginning we both felt there were reasons we needed to be in Dallas. After this exciting twist, we've realized once again the wonderful hand of the Lord in our lives. His new job has been a great answer to prayers. He started at the beginning of January and is LOVING it. Who wouldn't love working for a software company that has patterned themselves after Google and Ebay? Where fresh fruit is brought in every morning, a full kitchen is always stocked for employees use, jeans and t-shirts are the uniform of choice, "Bagel Wednesdays" happen every week and ping pong tournaments are just part of every day.... yeah, I'm working on my jealousy issues. :) I'm joking because in reality, I could not be happier for my sweet husband. I don't even want to know how many extra hours he has put into his career the last 3 years. He's always been ranked at the top of his group at Deloitte but I'm not sure he's ever felt to be as much of an asset to a company as he has since starting this new job. I'm proud of all his hard work paying off and even more grateful to our Father in Heaven for leading us here so he could have this amazing opportunity!