Saturday, November 3, 2012

Mike's Marathon

Mike ran his 1st marathon in September (I know I'm very behind). He has been training for several months-- all through busy season. He would come home at 9:30-10:00 p.m. and then go upstairs and jump on the treadmill. He is amazing. So finally in September he was able to show off all his hard work at the Top of Utah marathon in Logan. It was incredible to see our families come and support him. Mike's parents drove all the way from Vernal and stayed the whole weekend. It was so fun to see them, eat out, go shopping and just talk. It ended up that now that we live in Texas to be one of the last times we were able to spend a lot of time with them-- so we were grateful for the time together. My family also gave up their entire Saturday and came up to cheer him on and enjoy a celebratory lunch. Our families are awesome!! 
It's late and I've been unpacking, hanging, opening and cleaning our new Texas home for the last 8 days straight (if I see another cardboard box I think I might snap)... so I'm giving up on writing more about his marathon today. Laziness? Possibly. Or just pure exhaustion. Either way, I hope you all enjoy the pictures and the quick captions.

  Dustin & Jeffrey. Like my sign? It rhymes. :)
   The whole gang waiting for Mike.
This is with only about a half a mile to go-- you can just feel the pain that all the runners are in at this point. I started running with Mike at this point and tried to encourage him.
 He's almost there! I'm running off the right (families have to stay out of the final stretch) and yelling loudly encouragement. :) 
  Can you feel the pain?!
  We sure could! This is mom and Marisa's "this is how we would feel if we ran 26.2 miles" look.
  Our AMAZING family who came to cheer Mike on! I LOVE this picture but hate that the picture taker didn't tell us that Alys was barely visible back there with her head poking over Mike's shoulder!
  These are three remarkable people-- I love Mike's parents and of course can't think enough of them for the fantastic man they raised. 

Mike finished in 4:06! Pretty incredible marathon time for a 1st timer, eh? Yeah, I think he's pretty amazing too. I hope one day to have a picture of the two of us at the end of a marathon again-- maybe with me wearing the medal? Ok, maybe a half. ;)