Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A picture is worth 2 months words

Because writing about the last 2 months would take longer than any of you have or would care to read... I'm catching everyone up on our life through pictures (which are more fun anyway!) and adding blurbs. Enjoy the whirlwind we call life...

For the last 3 months Mike has done an internship at Deloitte. He interviewed and finally got his dream of one with a "Big Four" accounting firm. He lived in Salt Lake for 3 months while I lived in Logan... nothing was as great as him coming home! He loved Deloitte and they loved him. He hopes to work for them in the future!

While working for Deloitte, Mike worked in Indiana for 2 weeks. Deloitte flew me from a conference to meet Mike for a weekend. We went to Nashville and saw a little of Indiana.

Easter came and went in a flash. We spent it at my family's house having a great Easter egg hunt with the kids. There were strategically placed eggs with 10 dollar bills as well for the adults. I won't lie and say there weren't some scratched up arms and legs (of the adults of course!) in fighting for those eggs. There were so many, my mom had to make a map!

School ended-- thankfully! It was the hardest semester of graduate school so far and never would have survived if Mike wasn't home to help me. With the end of the school year came Mike's graduation! Yay!! He graduate Summa Cum Laude from USU and got in to the Master's of Accounting program here. As if he's not amazing enough... he also received the highest scholarship offered to MAcc students and the only assistanship. He's my hero! Both our fantastic families came to Logan-- which is a lot of people-- and we had a great celebration with them. They are incredible and we couldn't do it without their support!

Two days after Mike graduated, I left for Costa Rica on USU's annual audiology humanitarian trip. Short of boring you with all the stories... here's the summary: I fit hearing aids on children, screened children for hearing loss, used my auditory-verbal training, used ASL to communicate with kids that spoke a totally different language, saw a child with a Med-El cochlear implant, held a crocodile, went canopying and hung out with some really great people! The picture below are the student in my year of the AuD program-- now 3rd years! Wahoo!

And now I'm home again with Mike! It was great to come home and finally stay home. Things have calmed down for me but Mike has started up school again. Today we went on a date... during the day. Gasp! Yes, we are looking forward to a slower summer together which hopefully involves staying in Logan for awhile.

Thanks for the catch up with the Mansfields!!